Maitland Middle School Faculty vs. Student Volleyball Game

Maitland Middle School held its faculty/student volleyball game last week.  The school was excited to continue this tradition and honor their girls volleyball team as undefeated cluster champions!

Family Fitness Night Ideas

We love these tips from Partnership for a Healthier America to help turn your family night into a family fitness fun night:


1. Outdoor Fitness Fun. Whether you have a specific destination in mind, or just want to cruise around the neighborhood, head outside for a pre- or post-dinner walk or bike ride. Every city and town has unexplored neighborhoods and areas. TrailLink can help you find nearby biking paths, and it also helps you burn calories while getting a different view of the terrain.

2. It’s Always Fun at the YMCA. Your local Y is full of activities and fun for all. Meet other families at the Y’s Family Nights where you can participate in a variety of activities such as mixers, pool games, arts and crafts and family fitness. Find your Y here and see what’s planned in your community.

3. Weekly Sports Night. You’ll get to learn about different sports when you pick a new one to try every week. It’s amazing how many calories you’ll burn and how much fun you will have when you try yoga with the kids or play a rousing a game of basketball. You can also come up with your own creative adaptation of regular sports, such as monkey in the middle soccer. Your kids may even develop new fancy footwork or basketball dribbling skills in the process.

4. Family Challenges and Competitions. Sometimes a little friendly competition between family members is a good incentive to participate. We came up with several entertaining ideas to help you get started:

  • See who can shoot 10 basketball baskets first.
  • Find out who can hula hoop the longest.
  • Stretching Olympics.
  • Play Simon Says.
  • See who can jump rope the longest.
  • Play hopscotch.
  • Do wheelbarrow races: Hold your children by their legs, standing behind them and have them try to walk using only their arms.
  • Play ultimate Frisbee: Try to score a goal by passing the Frisbee as you run up the field towards your goal line. Other team tries to intercept.
  • Play balloon volleyball in the living room.

5. Fit for a Cause. Show the kids the value of exercise and giving back by teaming up for a fundraising race. Many charities offer local races to raise money, or you can bike, walk or run for the charity of your choice with Charity Miles. Volunteering for a community service project, such as cleaning up a park in your neighborhood, is a great way to add some activity to your day, while helping to improve your community. Volunteer Match can help you get started by providing volunteer information and listings in your local area. You’ll be doing your body good for a good cause. It’s a win-win.

Do you have a favorite family fitness activity?  Share it with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.