AAP Suggests Traditional Toys for Young Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued an updated clinical report in Pediatrics recommending caregivers give traditional hands-on toys that stimulate imagination and creativity, such as puzzles, building blocks and cardboard boxes, to youths ages 5 and younger, instead of interactive electronic toys. The report also advised that those younger than 5 should only play developmentally appropriate computer or video games with parent or caregiver supervision.

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AAP Updates Child Car Seat Recommendations

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued an updated policy statement in Pediatrics advising that children use rear-facing car safety seats until they reach the height and weight limits recommended by manufacturers and use forward-facing seats with harnesses until recommended limits are reached once they have outgrown rear-facing seats. The guidance also urged the use of belt-positioning booster seats for those who exceeded the limit for forward-facing seat use and said that all children younger than 13 should sit in the back seat of a car.  Read more.

Essentials for Parenting

Essentials for Parenting - Father coloring with daughter

Parenting is hard work! CDC’s Essentials for Parenting is a free, online resource which helps parents of toddlers and preschoolers handle common behavior challenges.

Essentials for Parenting explains key strategies which help in building positive, healthy relationships between parents and children such as:

  • positive communication,
  • clear directions, and
  • consistent structure.

This resource is available in both English and Spanish and offers:

We know that all children and parents are unique. This resource is designed to help parents make the best decisions that work for their child and family.

Users can increase their parenting confidence by visiting Essentials for Parenting today!