Celebrating Kindness at Cheney Elementary

Today is World Kindness Day.  Students and staff at Cheney Elementary were encouraged to wear yellow and to complete the following kindness challenge:

  1. Say good morning to 3 people.
  2. Give two compliments
  3. High five 5 people and say “Good job today!”
  4. Say please and thank you when you ask for something or someone does something for you.
  5. Have a positive attitude the entire day!

Local Student Delivers Thank You Notes to Orlando Police Department

Last week, Audubon Park Elementary 5th grader, Ella Oleck, delivered more than 100 thank you notes from her and other APE students to the Orlando Police Department (OPD). She wanted OPD to know how grateful she and the other students are for all the hard work the police officers do to protect our community.

Way to go, Ella!

Health Tip: Teach Kids About Gratitude

Three kindergarten girls standing togetherTeaching kids to be thankful for what they have can help make them less selfish.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

Surprise children with a gift. It represents something they didn’t ask for, rather than something to which they’re entitled. It also takes away having to choose between options, and helps relieve the feeling that the child could have selected something better.

Talk with your child about things that you are thankful for, including the best parts of your day. Focus on a positive attitude.

Share stories of your family history, hardships and hard work.

Encourage your child to offer help to people who appreciate it.

Teach your child to say thank you. Be a good example by always expressing your gratitude.

Show children the joy of giving to others.

Teach kids responsibility by creating age-appropriate daily chores. Have older kids help out with younger kids.

Don’t expose kids to social media and advertisements that can make them want more, while feeling they actually have less.