Re-grow Your Salad

Want something super fun to do with the kids over the summer?  There are a number of fruits and vegetables you can easily re-plant and grow yourself, including lettuce, celery, bean sprouts, peppers, green onions and garlic. Re-grow your own salad with these vegetable scraps:

  1. Greens
    Lettuce, bok choy and cabbage are relatively easy to grow from scraps. Instead of throwing away the base, place it in a bowl with water. Once you notice roots beginning to appear along with new leaves you can plant in soil.
  2. Green onions
    Keep approximately two inches of the roots and base intact. Place the roots in about ½ inch of water with sunlight and change the water every other day. You can either transfer to soil or keep in the glass of water until ready to eat.
  3. Tomatoes
    Rinse the seeds from your tomato and allow them to dry. Plant in a pot with soil until a few inches tall before transplanting outdoors.
  4. Peppers
    Harvest the seeds from your favorite peppers and plant them in a sunny area.

Get more inspiration for growing your own veggies with this video!