Tips to Ease Testing Anxiety

Testing season is upon us, but have no fear! There are many activities and tips to help calm your child’s nerves so they’re ready to test their best!

From GoNoodle (free, but registration is required):

  • Airtime: deep breathing disguised as fun!
  • Super Scooper: a silly stretch led by Maximo the monkey
  • Chillax: a slower-paced hit by Koo Koo Kanga Roo
  • For more videos to help ease test anxiety, check out the calming category.

Video Tips from a CHILL counselor

Article:  How to teach your child to calm themselves with their breath

Stress Free Kids suggests that positive self-talk is a powerful stress buster for test taking anxiety. Anxiety can be lowered and confidence boosted with this simple technique. The following statements can be used before and during tests.

  • I am calm and focused
  • I am relaxed and alert
  • I calmly trust my knowledge
  • I know the answer to this question and I will look at it again in a few minutes
  • I remember to breathe deeply during my tests
  • I have enough time
  • I have studied and I am prepared
  • Being calm helps me to remember more

Do you have tips of your own?  Share them with us!