Healthy Holiday Snacks at Brookshire Elementary

Ms. Overstreet’s class at Brokshire Elementary sure does know how to mix fun and healthy together!  Check out the cute candy canes and snowman snacks these Kindergarten students made from fruit.

Way to go, Ms. Overstreet’s Kindergarten class!

25 Days of Snacks – Day 21 – Snowman Potatoes

snowman potato

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What kid (or kid at heart) wouldn’t love to see this snowman on their holiday plate?  Use mashed potatoes for the body, bacon bits for the eyes and buttons, a slice of carrot for the nose, a piece of green onion for the scarf, and pretzel sticks for the arms.  The hat is from a toy!

Don’t want to put this on each plate?  Try placing it on top of a big bowl of mashed potatoes.  It will be the hit for your holiday party!

25 Days of Snacks – Day 20 – Watermelon Snowman

4_watermelon_snowmanWhy not bring a watermelon snowman to a holiday party this year? It’s healthy and tasty… sure to be a hit!

And best of all, watermelon is packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B 6 to keep eyes healthy and boost immunity.

Here are the instructions, courtesy The National Watermelon Promotion Board website:


  • 1 round seedless watermelon
  • 2 personal sized watermelons
  • Ice cream scoop or large spoon
  • Melon baller
  • Mini melon baller
  • Paring and kitchen knives
  • Large wooden skewers



1. Using one round seedless watermelon and two personal sized watermelons (one larger and one smaller), cut a ¼ inch slice off the bottom of each melon to provide a stable base. Use the smallest melon for the head, the next largest for the torso and the largest for the lower body. Set aside the smallest watermelon.

2. Cut the tops off of the large and medium watermelons, as shown, to create bowls. Scoop out flesh, using an ice cream scoop or large spoon.

3. Taking the smallest watermelon that has not yet been cut, scoop out eyes using a melon baller. Invert melon balls and reinsert.

4. Using a mini-melon baller or a paring knife, scoop out holes for the nose and mouth. Carve a piece of watermelon into a triangle for the nose, and fill mouth holes with blueberries.

5. Connect all three watermelons on a platter, using large wooden skewers.

6. Insert y-shaped sticks into middle watermelon for arms.

7. Fill bottom sections with fruit salad of melon balls and blueberries. Decorate with scarf and hat.

25 Days of Snacks – Day 11 – Snowman Bagels

snowman bagelIngredients:
These are suggestions, use what you have on hand
  • Thin Bagels (100% Whole Wheat Bagel Slims)  This can also be a regular bagel, an English muffin, or a piece of bread cut in a circle. – BASE
  • Cream Cheese (reduced fat) – SNOW
  • Raisins – EYES
  • Sweetened Dried Cranberries – HAT
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips – MOUTH
  • Baby Carrots – NOSE
  • Pretzel Rods – HAT
  • Blueberries – SCARF

Enjoy!  Share your pictures with us!

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