25 Days of Snacks – Day 3 – Reindeer


It doesn’t get much easier than this!  Chose a red M&M for Rudolph.


Graham crackers
Peanut butter (Sun Butter or cream cheese are peanut-free alternatives)
Mini pretzels
M&Ms (raisins or skittles are peanut-free alternatives)



1. Spread the peanut butter on a graham cracker square. If you have peanut allergies, use peanut-free alternatives.

2. Add two mini pretzels as the reindeer’s antlers.

3. Add two raisins for the reindeer’s eyes.

4. Place an M&M on the cracker for the reindeer’s nose.

5. Enjoy!

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

We have gathered some fun, tasty, football themed snacks your kids are sure to love while watching the Super Bowl!

Football cheeseball

Football Cheese Ball

Classic cheese balls are stuffed with fatty fillers like butter and mayo, but ours blends in nutritious chickpeas for a lightened-up, spreadable appetizer that is just as delicious.

football chocolate

Chocolate Footballs

Whole grains, honey and raisins join forces for a nutritious and energizing sweet treat. Make these for the family and guarantee you’ll be awarded MVP.


Watermelon Football Helmet

Looking to add a bit of fruit to the Super Bowl table? Turn a watermelon into a football helmet and fill it with fruit. It can double as an awesome centerpiece!  These homemade fruit bars are sure to be a hit and they’re perfect for a football game. Healthy, easy to eat, and fun.


Football Fruit Bars

These homemade fruit bars are sure to be a hit and they’re perfect for a football game. Healthy, easy to eat, and fun.

25 Days of Snacks – Day 10 – Rudolph Sandwich

rudolph pb sandwich

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This Rudolph is made out of a peanut butter sandwich, but you can substitute it with your child’s favorite sandwich. Tip, use whole grain bread for a healthier sandwich (plus, it looks more like Rudolph’s fur). Leave the round (top) part of the bread in tact, then slice into an oval for the main part of the body as shown.

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Bites

These satisfying high-fiber bites make a great snack or quick breakfast. You can freeze a couple bites in a snack-size plastic bag for a grab and go breakfast too!

See more at:

[gmc_recipe 5813]

Backyard Bug Snacks

Back-Yard-Bug-Snacks (2)We love these backyard bug snacks from “The Crafting Chicks.”  We made a few changes to the recipes, including replacing the candy eyes with everyday items food items found in your house.  Feel free to make your own changes to please the taste buds of your own backyard explorer.  Share your suggestions in the comments below and send us pictures of your backyard bug creations!

Scroll down for individual recipes for backyard caterpillars, backyard, ladybugs, and backyard butterflies.



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