Real Food Drive and Fruit-Grams at Winter Park High School

Using #nocandygrams, Live Life Healthy (LLH) students promoted “fruit-grams” to Winter Park High School students on Dec. 10.  The fruit-grams served as a healthy alternative to the traditional candy gram.

On December 14th, through the efforts of the LLH Real Food Drive, LLH students were able to give out 240 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables to Winter Park High School students.


Live.Life.Healthy Hosts Real Food Drive

Live.Life.Healthy would like to provide Winter Park High School (WPHS) students with fresh fruits and vegetables they can take home with them over the holiday breaks.  WPHS has many students that utilize the school’s food pantry (which consists of canned or boxed food), that would truly appreciate REAL food.  Live.Life.Healthy is partnering with Amp Your Good on this Real Food Drive so  you can donate fresh produce.

It’s easy to help!  Just select the donate button, pick out and purchase the food you would like to donate and it will be delivered directly to the WPHS food pantry after the drive is over.  You’ll receive a tax receipt via email.

Hurry, the drive ends November 30, 2016.

Click here to learn more and to donate.

WPHS Students Host Health Fair at Audubon Park Elementary

2016-apes-health-fair4On Wednesday, October 11, 2016, students from Winter Park High School conducted a mini health fair for 200 5th graders at Audubon Park Elementary.  We wanted to educate these students on healthy eating and clean living in a fun and engaging manner.

The high school students manned 12 different booths that encouraged the fifth graders to build a better sandwich, juice their own OJ, learn why it is important to eat breakfast and why they should eat fruits and vegetables.  We also had stops that taught the students to properly wash their hands, choose healthy snacks, get their daily dose of calcium and exercise regularly.  The 5th graders had a terrific time trying new foods like chia seed pudding and creating their own sandwich with lots of different veggies. They were all eager to learn about the simple ways they could live healthier lives and fully engaged themselves in the different booths and activities.

2016-apes-health-fair2Joseph Vasquez, a high school student who worked the healthy snack station, said, “It was surprising how interested and engaged the kids were in learning about the healthy snacks, and trying them. Many of them actually liked the hummus. It was a lot of fun!”

Julia Story



Live.Life.Healthy Health Fair at Audubon Park Elementary

Last week, Live.Life.Healthy (LLH) students from Winter Park High School brought their Live.Life.Healthy health fair to Audubon Park Elementary (APE).  LLH students taught to teach students about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.  Everyone had a great time!

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Students and Parents Learn About Social Media

Jerry 3When Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) staff met with the principals from WPHF’s twelve partner schools in the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, the principals were asked to share their top school health related concerns. Unanimously, the principals spoke about social media — students not understanding how to safely and respectfully use social media and parents not understanding how to effectively monitor their child’s social media usage.

In direct response to these concerns around social media usage, WPHF brought Jerry Ackerman, a nationally known student motivational speaker and social media expert to our area to speak to students and parents.

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Mr. Ackerman spoke to all Winter Park High School Live.Life.Healthy (LLH) classes.  Launched about four years ago with grant support from WPHF, LLH was created to generate a buzz among the students of WPHS about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  In order to reach as many students as possible, LLH uses social media such as Twitter and Facebook to share their healthy lifestyle messages.  Mr. Ackerman provided LLH students information on how to respectfully use and make an impact with social media.  LLH students also learned what it means to have digital citizenship and respect for others online and how to handle conflict without using social media.

Jerry 4On Wednesday, Jan. 27, at 6:00 pm, Mr. Ackerman provided a parent presentation entitled “Parenting the Snapchat Generation” at Glenridge Middle School.  Mr. Ackerman gave parents a current look into the state of technology in a student’s life, rules parents should have for technology with their child, apps parents need to know about, and how parents can be armed to help the onslaught of technology. Approximately 50 parents and 15 children attended the presentation.

WPHF is in the process of conducting a follow up survey to determine the impact of Mr. Ackerman’s presentations.  If the information was well received, WPHF will bring Mr. Ackerman back for future presentations.

Questions?  Contact or 407.493.9703

Slides from Mr. Ackerman’s parent presentation are available here – Parenting the Snapchat Generation

Fourth Annual Live.Life.Healthy Health Fair

Create your own organic face maskStudent leaders of Live.Life.Healthy (LLH)—a Winter Park High School (WPHS) initiative designed to help inspire fellow students to live a healthier lifestyle—hosted their fourth annual health fair September 30, including a roving limbo station, a chance to test hand-washing skills and homemade face masks.

The health fair consisted of a variety of booths that touched on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle—including eating healthy foods, getting exercise, dental health, stress reduction, and taking steps to avoid skin cancer.

Students staffing each booth provided information and got students involved in related activities.

For example, at the stress reduction table, students were provided with information on healthy foods, physical activity, and other tips to help reduce their stress levels.  Students also received a free stress reduction ball.

Since hand washing is an important way to avoid illness, the LLH student leaders gave other students the chance to wash their hands and then used a special light and container to show how much dirt remained. Students received tips to help them do a better job next time.Stress reduction

At the Sugar Busters table, students were asked to guess how much sugar could be found in popular candies and then compare to the sugar in vegetables.

Also popular was the natural face mask booth where students learned how to create a homemade face mask with items commonly found in the home.

Other booths foMaking smoothiescused on the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan, a taste test between fat-free and regular ice cream, a juicing booth,  a smoothie bar, a make a better sandwich bar, and the necessity of good dental health.

LLH student leaders also used the occasion to continue to promote the bike share program which enables students to check out bicycles for free.  Additionally, LLH students used mobile technology to poll students about their happiness.  A follow up survey, based on the responses from this survey, will be conducted later in the year to identify common barriers and then brainstorm solutions to happiness.

LLH is a student-created and led initiative, founded and supported with grant funding from the Winter Park Health Foundation, to encourage all students to eat healthier and be more active.

Visit Live.Life.Healthy on Facebook or on Twitter for more information about the health fair and other healthy activities.