Active Kids Perform Better In School

It doesn’t take a lot of activity to get the brain fired up.   Researchers have found moderate activity-like a brisk walk around the neighborhood-increases brain activity.  This in turn, when your child goes to school, can translate into better test performance.  Simply put, physical activity will help kids learn better.  Take a look at this brain scan of a child sitting quietly for 20 minutes versus walking for 20 minutes.  After the child walks for 20 minutes, his/her brain lights up with activity.  Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.15.11 PM

So if physical activity will help your child in the classroom, then as parents it is our job to find ways to get our kids active.  The best way is to lead by example.  We have come up with a list of active activities that you can do with the entire family.


Walk or ride your bike to school

  • There is no better way to get active for class time then to walk or ride your bike to school.  Walk or ride with your child if you are able to.  This will give you time to talk with your kids and lead by example.

Make a weekend activity calendar

  • Map out what kind of active activities you will do over the week and weekends.  Display the calendar in a public area, like the kitchen or living room, and cross off the activities once they’re done.  This will show the family what is coming up and what you have done.

Make family time active time

  • Instead of watching TV after dinner, go for a bike ride or a walk around the neighborhood.  Play a game of family basketball or other group sport.

Think outside the field

  • Maybe your children don’t like traditional sports like football, basketball or soccer.  Try alternative sports like rock climbing, hiking, swimming or martial arts.  Find out what your children enjoy and stick with that.

Take advantage of your local parks

  • Winter Park, Maitland and Eatonville have beautiful parks.  Make a family trip to the park and take advantage of these free, fun activities.


What other ways do you like to stay active with your family?   Tell us in the comments below, post it on our Facebook or tweet us at @HealthyKids2Day.

Motivate Your Child to Be Active

B&GClub0026Some kids are constantly out playing, running, jumping and generally always moving.  For those kids, getting enough exercise is second nature because they are always active.  However, for some kids, being active is a little harder.  For these types of kids, we must find out what motivates them and lead by example.  With help from WebMD, we have come up with a list of ways to help motivate your child to be more active. Comment below and tell us how you motivate your child to be more active.

Have your child connect personally

What anyone needs, as far as motivation, to get off the couch is personal and your kids are no different.  What is their personal reason to get up and be active?  This might be difficult at first and may require some additional conversations on what it means to be healthy.  However, explaining the benefits as to why being healthy is important and how being unhealthy can lead to health problems, can be valuable for your kids to understand its importance.  Let them try and come up with reasons that being active will positively help them.

Set realistic goals for being active

Experts agree that kids should be active for at least 60 minutes a day.  You can aim for this, but if your child is completely inactive, start with a smaller goal.  Try 30 minutes a day and work up to 60.  Or pick an activity to do each day and then increase the activity time gradually.  This can be as simple as going for a walk and then increasing your distance over time.

Do something your child enjoys

What do they like to do? Are they into basketball or bike riding?  Maybe they don’t have a certain sport they like, but they enjoy the family dog.  Go on extended dog walks together to be active.  If they don’t show interest in a traditional sport or active activity, get creative with their interests and try to turn them into something active.

Plan to fit active time into their schedule

Typically, parents dictate a child’s schedule.  Therefore, it is up to the parent to make sure the child has active time built into their daily routine.  If they aren’t trying an organized sport, go on family walks, bike rides or other activities.  Instead of watching TV together as a family after dinner, take that time and do something active.

Bounce back from setbacks

You are bound to have setbacks with your child when they first start being active.  If you miss one day of doing something active, it isn’t the end of the world nor is it an excuse to stop being active all together.  Try to instill in your child that they are someone who is active.  By telling them they are an active person, it will become their identity.  That way if there is a setback, bouncing back will be much easier.

Hungerford Students Get New Gym Equipment from the YMCA

Hungerford Students Get New Gym Equipment from the YMCA from WPHF on Vimeo.

Getting kids excited about exercising is important to making sure they develop long term healthy habits.  In order to get kids excited about exercising, the Crosby YMCA donated kid friendly gym equipment to the students at Hungerford Elementary.  The students were very grateful and wanted to say thank you!  You can watch this video and all of our other videos on YouTube or Vimeo.  If you would like to be featured in a video please contact Asher Levine at 407.644.2300 ext. 241 or at




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