AAP Suggests Traditional Toys for Young Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued an updated clinical report in Pediatrics recommending caregivers give traditional hands-on toys that stimulate imagination and creativity, such as puzzles, building blocks and cardboard boxes, to youths ages 5 and younger, instead of interactive electronic toys. The report also advised that those younger than 5 should only play developmentally appropriate computer or video games with parent or caregiver supervision.

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Interactive Chronic Absence Data Map

An interactive map from The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution allows anyone – from parents/guardians to policymakers – to explore the scale of the chronic absence problem documented in the 2015-16 school year data at multiple levels. Hover, zoom in and out, and click around to investigate differences in chronic absence across states, between districts and between schools in a district. Select student characteristics to see rates of chronic absence among different kinds of students. Clicking school characteristics allows you to see rates of chronic absence by grade span and location. Get started exploring your data on the map!