25 Days of Snacks – Day 22 – Holiday Toast

Christmas toast 1Recipe adapted from

Check out this easy breakfast or snack idea! It takes you only a couple extra minutes to turn boring toast into this super fun holiday breakfast or snack!

4 items required: bread (use whole wheat for added fiber and nutrients), strawberry jam, cream cheese (use low fat to keep calories down) and a sandwich bag.

Toast your bread then apply strawberry jam.

Place cream cheese in a baggie, snip off corner, then use to draw a design on your toast.


Christmas toast 2Not good at drawing? Don’t worry about it. If you make a mistake, you can easily use a fork or toothpick to remove the cream cheese from the sandwich.

Even better, let your kids draw on their own breakfast!

Holiday Potion Control For Kids


Our friends at OrganWise Guys has some great suggestions for portion control which can come in really handy for holiday meals.  Talk with your kids about these portion control tips, then show them the video and you’re well on your way to a happy and healthy holiday meal!

WPHS Ugly Sweater Contest

Christmas breakfast 2 Christmas breakfast 3 Christmas breakfast Front office staff 121715

Staff at Winter Park High School enjoyed a healthy breakfast complete with an ugly sweater contest to celebrate the upcoming holiday break.  Happy Holidays!

Flying With Children


If you’re traveling by plane with a young child, don’t forget to bring a child seat.

The Federal Aviation Administration advises:

  • Use a child restraint system (CRS) that’s approved for use on a plane.
  • Buy your child a ticket, and ask the airline if there’s a discounted fare for a child. Book adjacent seats, but be aware that you can’t put a CRS in an emergency exit row.
  • Ask the airline for help in making a connecting flight. It may be difficult to navigate a busy airport with the CRS, luggage and children.
  • Pack a bag with fun activities for your child, as well as snacks.

7 Family Time and Learning Tips for the Holidays

Family-Holiday-Dinner-Pic-1From Our Children Magazine – Written by Laura Bay, National PTA President

The holiday season is here! Like most families, my household is already in a flurry of activity—decorating, purchasing gifts, preparing for guests and baking cookies and pies.

This is also a special time for family fun and togetherness. But with the holiday rush, the to-do list seems to grow exponentially by the minute.

In the busyness of the season, it’s important to keep learning and quality time with family at the top of the list while your kids are home on break from school.

Read the full story at

Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children

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All of us that have children, have too many toys scattered throughout the house. No matter how diligent we are at keeping them at bay, it seems to be a constant fight. It’s especially hard when special days come and we want to give gifts to our children, or grandparents want to give gifts.

A great way to combat too many toys, is to shift all the gifts to non-toy items.

18 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children

  1. Classes. Music, dance, riding, drawing, classes are a great way to encourage children in their interests and let them know that you pay attention to them and what they enjoy.
  2. Memberships. Zoo, science museum, children’s museum, YMCA membership, etc. These are particularly great for family gifts! Many young families want to enjoy day outings, but affording them can be a challenge, so give them the gift of a yearly membership.
  3. Subscriptions. Kids enjoy getting things int he mail. Why not encourage their reading by getting them a magazine subscription for something they are interested in!
  4. Events. Movie tickets, tickets to a play, concert or sports event are really exciting! Having an event to look forward to makes the rest of life more enjoyable.
  5. Activities. Mini golf, bowling, skating rink. These are so much fun! And a big part of the fun is going together. Children love spending time with the adults in their lives, they want to see you enjoying your time as well as enjoying them.
  6. Recipe and Ingredients. Kids love cooking with their parents. Baking something special or cooking dinner is an ideal time to spend together and learn life skills. Print out a recipe, purchase all the ingredients and set a date for cooking together.
  7. Crafting Date. Our daughter loves making crafts. I do to, I really do enjoy the creative aspect. But I rarely take time out to do it with her. These crafting dates mean the world to our creative little girl. Keep a basket of craft supplies and get out a book for inspiration.
  8. Arts and Craft supplies. If your craft box is running low, stock up a little on things you need. Add in something fun the kids haven’t used before. A gift of art and craft supplies often brings on the imagination and kids can’t wait to get to work!

To continue to read about excellent ideas for non-toy gifts for children, visit Nourishing Minimalism’s website.

Do you have a favorite non-toy gift for children?  Share it with us,