Stay Active During the Holidays

fit through the holidaysThe holiday season is officially here. Good food, friends and family will be filling our homes. But many times the “holiday food” is not the best for you. It is important to make sure we are staying active and keeping our kids active during this time. There are simple things you can do to for yourself and with your family to not end up like a stuffed turkey.


Play Football, Don’t Watch it on TV

After the holiday meal many of us sit down and turn on our favorite football game. This year, don’t watch the game. Get up and play one with your family. A game of family football is fun and brings you closer together. Don’t like football? Try any game. Play soccer, baseball or simply go outside and run around. The point is to get up and be active with your family.

Sign Up for a 5k or Fun Run

During the holiday season there are lots of holiday themed walks and runs. During Thanksgiving you can sign up for a Turkey Trot or other runs. Leading up to Christmas you can find Santa runs or other Christmas themed runs/walks. On December 13th Track Shack is holding the Vanessa Welch Reindeer Run. Plan for this event or find others in our area.

Create a Fitness Tradition

There are many traditions families have over the holidays. Saying what we’re thankful for over Thanksgiving, spending time with family, secret Santa at work and many others are just a few examples of these traditions. Start a new tradition centered on fitness. It can be the family football game or 5k run that we already suggested. It could also be smaller active events like taking a family walk around the neighborhood after dinner, going to the park to let the kids play or taking a family bike ride.

Work Towards a Goal

Set a family goal around staying healthy. It could be to walk each night after dinner, train to run a 5k, watch less TV, eat 2 healthy meals per week or anything else you can come up with. Write the goal on a board and display it in an area of the house where everyone can see it. That will help keep you motivated and stick with it. If it is something you can add to a calendar, write it on the days you plan to do it and display that in the same area. Whatever it is, get the entire family involved and help each other stick with it.


How do you stay active during the holidays? Tell us in the comments below, write on our Facebook wall or tweet us at @HealthyKids2Day. We want to hear from you!

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