Hungerford Students Coached on Healthy Eating and Activity

IMG_3583All types of foods can be incorporated into a healthy diet. The keys are choice and portion control.

Ricky Shaw, Hungerford Elementary Healthy School Team Leader and physical education teacher, recruited a health coach for a select group of his students to teach them about how to make healthy eating choices on March 6. This was part of an ongoing effort by the Healthy School Team to improve the health of Hungerford’s students and facility.

The program promoted, Stop Slow Go, explains the “Go” foods good to eat at most any time, the “slow” foods you should eat in moderation and the “stop” foods that should be avoided or limited. The differences are emphasized by using a stoplight with red, yellow and green lights. The students were shown pictures of food and asked which group they thought the item belonged to—Go, Slow or Stop.  Students also learned about the different food groups and examples of healthy options in each.

After the health coach finished her presentation, the students took 30 minutes to exercise on YMCA-donated kid-sized exercise equipment .  Each child got on a machine and exercised for a few minutes before rotating to the next one.   The importance of the program was to show the students that healthy nutrition can be simple and delicious and that exercise can be fun. The program was an apparent success because at the end, all of the students said they liked exercising because it was fun.

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