Stay Active over the Holidays

Active familyDuring the holidays it is easy to get out of your routine and spend a little more time on the couch.  Don’t let “the holidays” be your excuse to stop being active.  There are many things that you and your kids can do to stay active over the winter vacation and through the holidays.  Check out our list below of ways for you and your kids to stay active and let us know what you do in the comment section.


  • Stay awake during the day – You might be tempted to take a nap during the day, rather fill that time by doing something active.
  • Participate in a holiday 5k or other organized activity – There are many activities you can participate in during the holiday season.  Go ice-skating in Winter Park, paddle board on a lake or run in a 5k.
  • Make family time active time – Don’t sit around the TV with your family this holiday season.  Go outside and play a game.  Go for a bike ride around the neighborhood or take the family to the park.  Whatever you do, get up and have fun!
  • Use holiday shopping as an opportunity to be active – Walk as much as possible and park at the far side of the parking lot. Go to the mall early and walk around for 30 minutes before shopping. Walk from store to store instead of getting back in the car, if possible.