“Nutritional minutes” encourage mindful eating

An Idaho elementary school turns out the lights and asks students to be quiet for the first five minutes of each lunch period. The “nutritional minutes” encourage students to be mindful about their eating, although one parent has questioned the practice, saying it may make students uncomfortable.

KREM-TV (Spokane, Wash.)

Dommerich Elementary 5th Grade Bike Ride

On March 8th Dommerich held its annual 5th Grade Bike Ride through the neighborhood.  The students were joined by Maitland Police officers, parents, and teachers, as well as Principal Verano.  While on the ride students learned the laws of the road and necessary skills for bicycle handling.  A special thanks goes out to Amy Yohe for carrying on this 5th Grade tradition.

Audubon Park Elementary Has a New Principal

Anna4Anna Garrido Ferratusco is Audubon Park Elementary’s new principal, a school she got to know well when she served as its assistant principal from 2010 to 2012.

Mrs. Ferratusco has been with Orange County Public Schools for 11 years. She has served as a classroom teacher, curriculum resource teacher, assistant principal and now principal. Prior to becoming the principal, she was at Columbia Elementary as the assistant principal. She is looking forward to a very successful school year.

Welcome back, Mrs. Ferratusco!

Hungerford Students Get New Gym Equipment from the YMCA

Hungerford Students Get New Gym Equipment from the YMCA from WPHF on Vimeo.

Getting kids excited about exercising is important to making sure they develop long term healthy habits.  In order to get kids excited about exercising, the Crosby YMCA donated kid friendly gym equipment to the students at Hungerford Elementary.  The students were very grateful and wanted to say thank you!  You can watch this video and all of our other videos on YouTube or Vimeo.  If you would like to be featured in a video please contact Asher Levine at 407.644.2300 ext. 241 or at




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