MOVE60 CHALLENGE kicks off Oct. 1

Back by popular demand!  Healthy Central Florida’s Move60 Fall Challenge kicks off Saturday, Oct. 1st!  It’s FREE and you can participate as an individual or recruit a team (work, school, faith community, friends).  Get a super-soft t-shirt, great weekly prizes, team rewards and some new surprises are in store for all.

Walk, run, bike, dance, do Yoga – just be part of the MOVEment to make our community the healthiest in the nation.

BONUS! School Fundraiser – The Winter Park Consortium public school with the most participants signed up and actively posting and logging steps will win $400 for their organization. PTO/PTA – no selling chocolate, gift-wrapping or any selling. Just get people moving and make money for your school.

CLICK HERE to register and learn more.

Join Healthy Central Florida’s Move60 Challenge

March 1st – April 29th

Get Moving, Have Fun and Win Prizes!

Be part of the MOVEment! Walk. Bike. Swim. Dance. Garden. Do yoga… Just get moving for 60 days!

And when you do, you’re entered to win great weekly prizes like mini-memberships to RDV Sportsplex, Fitbits, restaurant and movie gift certificates and more!

It’s Free, Fun and Easy. Register as an Individual or recruit a team of friends, co-workers, school/PTO parents or your faith community.

Free T-shirt and Timex Pedometer – Every registered participant will receive a super soft, free T-shirt and Timex pedometer while supplies last. And, everyone who participates is eligible for great weekly prize drawings. Win great health, more fun and great prizes – simply for being active.

SCHOOL CHALLENGE: The Winter Park Consortium public school with most registered participants that are actively weekly posting and logging steps and time amounts can WIN $400 for their organization.

Join together as we become the healthiest community in the nation and Get Moving!

Special thanks to Healthy Central Florida Move60 sponsors – Florida Blue, Winter Park Health Foundation, Florida Hospital and the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce.

Register online at

Healthy Fall Enrichment at Lake Sybelia Elementary

Registration recently opened for Lake Sybelia Elementary’s Fall after-school enrichment program. Most classes cost $45 plus a small supply fee. The classes, which meet once a week from 3:15-4:15 p.m., begin Oct. 3 and run for six weeks. Lake Sybelia Elementary offers a wide variety of courses that promote student health and wellness including Wellness for Kids, Cooking Fun, Softball/Kickball, Yoga, Dance, and more!

For more information on Lake Sybelia Elementary’s Fall after-school enrichment program, click here.

Social-Emotional Development for Preschoolers

preschool early learning group play social emotionalThe importance of social and emotional development on a young child’s life cannot be emphasized enough. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, healthy social and emotional development is an integral part of a child’s health and wellbeing.  This development is defined as the ability to form satisfying, trusting relationships with others and includes, play, communication, learning, face challenges, and a full range of emotional behaviors. Key features of this development include how children interact with others and how they self manage their emotions and behaviors. In order to promote advantageous social and emotional childhood growth, studies indicate that introducing healthy positive factors in the classroom and at home are in the best interest of the child and will better serve their progress.

Social-Emotional Developmental Milestones

3 years-old:
• Copies adults and friends
• Shows affection for friends without prompting
• Shows wide range of emotions

4 years-old:
• Enjoys doing new things
• More creative with make believe play
• Cooperates with other children
• Would rather play with other children then his/herself

5 years-old:
• Wants to be like friends
• Likes to sing, dance, and act
• Is sometimes demanding and cooperative
• Can tell the difference between real and make-believe

Reference: Promoting Social-Emotional Development. Zero to Three