Kindness Club at Dommerich Elementary

Dommerich’s newly established Kindness Club began meeting in November.  The club’s goal is to gather students who want to share Kindness with the school, community and families.  During their recent meeting students made a Thankful/Grateful Tree for the entire school.  The tree was placed in the main hallway near the front office for all to see.  Students then decorated the tree with hand written leaf notes of what they are thankful for.  In December, the Kindness Club is focusing on “Giving”.  They will also be holding a pajama and book drive to inspire families to read stories during bedtime.

Hungerford Elementary Track Club

Track TeamHungerford Elementary students have the opportunity to move more and get their wiggles out before school with the Hungerford Elementary Track Club.  The club for 30 minutes before school twice per week.  All students who plan to participate in the Fast Start Track and Field Invitational are eligible to participate with the track club.

The Fast Start Track and Field Invitational is an annual event for elementary-aged students who attend one of the eight public elementary schools from the Winter Park, Florida Consortium of Schools (as established through the Winter Park Health Foundation). The students are invited to participate in a day-long track and field event at Showalter Field at Winter Park High School. The participating student athletes of these schools are exposed to various track and field events all aimed at having fun and competing with their friends.

Fast Start is focused on providing children with the motivation to run and to help make running fun and exciting. The ultimate goal is to create a love of running among youth. And it is within this new found love that positive habits will be developed that will carry forward into the children’s adolescent and adult lives to build a stronger and fitter community.

Fast Start’s objective is simple: Foster a love of running and promote a healthy lifestyle for children.