Healthy Habits at Cheney Elementary

In the belief that healthy kids make better students, Cheney Elementary is incorporating healthy behaviors into the school day and after school clubs.


Yoga Club









Movement with Math Facts

Movement with Math Facts


Apple “donuts” recipe


Cooking Club prep


Cooking Club

Cooking Club

Cooking Club

Halloween Witches Broom Stick Treats

6643414678372352=s740=h555Looking for a last minute snack for Halloween? Use this example from Cheney Elementary who made these in their after school cooking club. Way to go, Cheney!


Ingredients (per broomstick)

1/2 cheese stick (any variety)

1 pretzel stick

1 fresh chive



  1. Unwrap cheese stick
  2. Cut cheese stick in half
  3. Cut bottom of cheese stick to resemble broom
  4. Insert a pretzel stick into the tops of each string cheese stick to resemble a broom handle
  5. Wrap each string cheese stick at the top with a chive and form a knot around the cheese stick
  6. Enjoy!

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Cheney Elementary’s School Garden is Growing Strong

Cheney School Garden

Students at Cheney Elementary are sprouting green thumbs along with a robust crop of tomatoes, onions and yellow peppers thanks to their new school garden.

The garden was started by Cheney’s Healthy School Team and is sponsored by Cheney’s School-Based Health Center (a Central Florida Family Health Center location) along with the Winter Park Health Foundation.  The garden was created in February and has become both a learning tool and fun activity for the students.

Gardening responsibilities are shared throughout the school.   It is loved and tended to by many students — from pre-kindergarten to fourth grade — as well as by staff from the school and the School-Based Health Center.    Students and staff planted a wide variety plants including tomatoes, onions, turnips, green and yellow peppers, sunflowers and milkweed.  The milkweed plants are especially popular because they attract Monarch butterflies.

Aside from teaching the students how to grow plants, the garden is also a useful tool in other areas as well.  The School-Based Health Center uses the garden to teach children about healthy eating and which foods are nutritious.  The garden allows children to have fun with these lessons.  Many teachers are also incorporating the garden into their lesson plans.

Cheney’s school garden is growing fast and becoming a favorite activity and learning tool for both students and teachers.  For more information on Cheney’s school garden, contact the school’s secretary at 407-672-3120.


Cheney School Garden 4Cheney School Garden 3 Cheney School Garden 2