Prepare Your Child for the Dentist

dentistGoing to the dentist can be scary for our children.  The American Dental Association provides these suggestions to help ease their fears and increase the likelihood of an enjoyable experience.

  • Making sure your child brushes twice a day. Ensure that kids aged 6 and younger are supervised and have help brushing.
  • Scheduling the appointment when your child isn’t likely to be tired. For younger kids, don’t schedule it during naptime. For older kids, don’t schedule the visit after a long school day.
  • Allowing the older child — presumably the one with the most experience — to go first and serve as a role model for the others.
  • Making sure your child has had a snack before the appointment to avoid irritability from hunger.
  • Making sure you stay calm, even if your child acts nervous before the appointment.

Be Mouth Wise and Win $250!

Dental ContestDid you know toothpaste containing fluoride makes your teeth stronger? Did you know the only way to clean between your teeth is by flossing?

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