Fixed bedtime, sufficient sleep may lead to healthier teens

Youths with age-appropriate bedtimes at age 9 had longer self-reported sleep duration and lower body mass index at age 15, compared with those who didn’t have bedtime routines, researchers reported in the journal Sleep. The findings also associated optimal bedtime and sleep routines in childhood with adequate sleep duration in adolescence.

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Limit Child's Use of Smartphone at Bedtime

phone bedIf your child keeps a smartphone on their nightstand and takes a peek just before bed, they may be jeopardizing their sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation offers these suggestions:

  • Limit your child’s use of their smartphone at bedtime. It can lead to stress and getting too energized just before bed.
  • Keep the phone away from their bed while they sleep, either in another room or at least in a place where they can’t reach it from bed. The light, buzzing and beeping can distract them.
  • Set a “technology curfew” at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Get an actual alarm clock so they don’t have to use their phone.