Local Student Delivers Thank You Notes to Orlando Police Department

Last week, Audubon Park Elementary 5th grader, Ella Oleck, delivered more than 100 thank you notes from her and other APE students to the Orlando Police Department (OPD). She wanted OPD to know how grateful she and the other students are for all the hard work the police officers do to protect our community.

Way to go, Ella!

Fruit Tasting at Audubon Park Elementary

Girls trying fruit APE

On Thursday, January 14, Audubon Park Elementary students participated in the school’s first ever fruit tasting. As expected, it was a huge success.  Students who don’t typically eat fruit were eagerly tasting one of the eight fruits available to sample — star fruit, cara cara navel orages, oranges, kiwis, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and grapefruit. As students were tasting fruit, members of the healthy school team asked questions to find out about their experience and their favorite fruits. The top 3 favorites were oranges, star fruit and kiwi.

Congratulations to Audubon Park Elementary for a successful tasting!

Fruit tasting line APE Fruit tasting APEFruit at fruit tasting APEGirl fruit tasting APE

Audubon Park Elementary Has a New Principal

Anna4Anna Garrido Ferratusco is Audubon Park Elementary’s new principal, a school she got to know well when she served as its assistant principal from 2010 to 2012.

Mrs. Ferratusco has been with Orange County Public Schools for 11 years. She has served as a classroom teacher, curriculum resource teacher, assistant principal and now principal. Prior to becoming the principal, she was at Columbia Elementary as the assistant principal. She is looking forward to a very successful school year.

Welcome back, Mrs. Ferratusco!

Health Expo at Audubon Park Elementary

audubon parkAudubon Park Elementary will host its 4th annual Health Expo on Thursday, April 8.  This year’s theme  is Sprinting to a Healthier You.

Designed to make students and families aware of ways they can live healthier lives, the Health Expo will include over 27 vendors. They will  provide information to help students and parents get physically active and eat healthy.

The Health Expo is  organized and hosted by Audubon’s Healthy School Team.  Two years ago about 200 people attended the Expo, and last year that number doubled to almost 400.  Audubon hopes to set a new record this year.

This year’s Health Expo is part of a larger Healthy Living Week that is scheduled April 8 – 12.  Each day during Healthy Living Week, Audubon is educating  students on how they can live a healthier life.  Activities planned range from an Olympic sprinter talking about exercise, to lessons on maintaining proper emotional health, good nutrition, avoiding drugs, and dental and personal hygiene.

As a special surprise for the students, the Health Expo will feature an obstacle course where students will do different physical activities while answering questions about how they can be healthy.  Parents will also have a special surprise.  By getting at least eight signatures from different vendors they visit, parents will be eligible for raffle prizes ranging from a soccer summer camp voucher to free exercise classes.