Audubon Park Elementary Raises Over $16,000 for the American Heart Association

This year’s Jump Rope 4 Heart at Audubon Park Elementary, raised over $16,000 for the American Heart Association! This is the most Audubon Park Elementary has ever raised for this organization.

Congratulations to the Falcons for their hard work at such an amazing cause!

Is your school interested in hosting a healthy fundraiser?  Check out these tips:

Action for Healthy Kids Healthy Fundraising Tips

Best Practices for Healthy School Fundraisers


Watch Salt in Kids’ Diets

Many people eat too many salty foods, and kids are no exception. Parents can set the stage for better adult habits by putting limits on salty foods right from the start.

The American Heart Association suggests:

  • Avoid giving kids too many foods high in salt, such as pizza, deli meats, pretzels, soup, cheese and chicken nuggets.
  • Limit packaged foods and dining out at restaurants.
  • Set a good example by eating healthier yourself.
  • Get kids involved in making meals.
  • Check out restaurant nutrition information to look for lower-salt options.

Heart Health Tips for Kids

kids-heart-healthFebruary is Heart Health Month.  Most associate this health awareness month with adults, but did you know that a healthy heart starts in childhood?  We now know that early heart disease can be found in children who have poor diets and a sedentary lifestyle.  This is why it is so important to teach children healthy habits that will promote a healthy heart and overall well-being.

Kids are like little sponges and they learn quickly from you and their surroundings.  Help them instill healthy habits that they will carry with them through their lifetime.

Here is a list of healthy heart tips from our friends at Nourish Interactive that:
  • give you ideas on how to get your child moving
  • promote prevention of heart disease
  • provide tips on the healthy foods that promote a healthy heart

List of Tips Promote A Healthy Heart For Kids And For Families

  1. All children age 3 and older need yearly blood pressure measurements.
  2. A healthy heart starts with a healthy breakfast.
  3. Kids like to feel great. Teach them how to be good to their heart.
  4. Salmon has omega 3 heart healthy fat.
  5. Look for the words “100% whole” when buying whole wheat or whole grains.
  6. For chocolate lovers, eat antioxidant-rich, heart-healthy, organic dark chocolate
  7. The heart’s a muscle too. Give it a workout.
  8. Avoid foods with trans fat (you can find it in the food label).
  9. Promote heart healthy foods that are low in saturated fats.
  10. Choose and prepare foods with less salt. Most adults and children consume more sodium (salt) than their body needs.
  11. Sauces such as low sodium soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, wasabi, or ginger are healthy choices.
  12. Omega 3 fat is good for your heart and brain.
  13. Most kids eat too much salt. Keep the salt shaker off the table.
  14. Soluable fiber helps lower your cholesterol.
  15. Healthy oils come from fish, nuts, and liquid oils like grape seed, olive oil, avocado and hemp oil.
  16. Exercise can help increase your family’s healthy “HDL” cholesterol.
  17. Keep an eye on cholesterol by reading the food labels.
  18. Black beans are a better choice because they have less fat than refried beans
  19. Try healthy spray butter for your dinner rolls and veggies. They taste great and add 0 calories.
  20. Keep your heart healthy with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  21. Use leftover chicken from dinner last night and make a sandwich vs. processed sandwich meat which is high in sodium (salt).
  22. Drinking just one can of soda a day increases a child’s risk of obesity by 60%. Restrict your child’s soft drink consumption.

Audubon Park Elementary – Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart APE 1Audubon Park Elementary recently held a very successful Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser, raising approximately $7,200.  This is three times what the school raised last year! The older students were given short and long jump ropes, the younger students were provided with extra attention through jump rope stations.  Congratulations to Audubon Park Elementary!

About Jump Rope for Heart

The American Heart Association Jump Rope For Heart is a national education and fund-raising event sponsored by the American Heart Association and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD).  Jump Rope for Heart engages students with jumping rope while empowering them to improve their own health and help other kids with heart health issues.

Dollars raised through Jump Rope For Heart give back to children, communities and schools through AmericanJump Rope for Heart APE 2 Heart Association programs, including:

  • Ongoing discovery of new treatments through research
  • Advocating at federal and state levels for physical education and nutrition wellness in schools
  • Training courses for middle and high school students in CPR

Jump Rope For Heart  Helps Students Grow

  • Kids learn the value of community service and become empowered to contribute to their community’s welfare.
  • Children join together in helping other kids with special hearts.
  • Students learn how to develop heart-healthy habits while being physically active.
  • Participants learn jump rope and basketball skills they can use for the rest of their lives.
  • Students help their school earn gift certificates for free P.E. equipment!