Help Make Your Child’s School Healthier: Take the Survey!

Action for Healthy Kids and National PTA, with support from ALDI, have embarked on an important initiative to create an online community that parents can use to help make their children’s schools healthier.

As part of this process, they are conducting a survey of parents with children in kindergarten to sixth-grade to see what kind of information would be helpful to you. The comments you provide are confidential and critical to ensuring they are meeting the needs of parents and school health advocates.

As a thank you for your participation, if you would like to be eligible for a random drawing of survey respondents to receive a $50 ALDI gift card, you will have the option to provide your email address upon completion of the survey. Winners will be awarded after Feb. 20.

This survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey by Feb. 24, 5 p.m. CST.

Every Kid Healthy Week at Audubon Park Elementary

To celebrate Action for Healthy Kids’ Every Kid Healthy Week, Audubon Park Elementary recently held “Healthy Habits.”  During PE class, Kindergarten through 3rd grade students rotated through three stations.  At the yoga station, students practiced ways to keep their bodies and minds healthy. At the mindful eating station, they learned about the importance of being aware of what they consume to keep them healthy. At the gardening station, students were given a tour of Audubon Park Elementary’s garden and learned about the benefits of eating natural foods and composting.


Healthy School Teams Focus of 2015 Florida PTA Leadership Convention

11742656_983803101652164_1829086630013573625_n (2)On July 17, state and national school health and wellness leaders came together to address over 800 participants at the 2015 Florida PTA Leadership Convention.  Parents, students, and community leaders listened to keynote presentations from Dr. Howell Wechsler, CEO, Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Ms. Laura Bay, National PTA President.  Dr. Wechsler stressed learning through movement, the importance of physical activity/recess in school, and how offering healthy alternatives as rewards for good behavior will make a difference in the health and well-being of children and their learning environments.  Dr. Wechsler also commended Florida for leading the nation in the support for physical activity and healthy eating within schools.

Dr. Wechsler later joined Ms. Bay, as well as several FL leaders for a school health and wellness panel.    Participants eagerly asked questions of the panel, determined to take the knowledge gained through the Florida PTA Leadership Convention and implement it within their schools.

During the second day of the convention, participants had the opportunity to learn about the new Healthy School Team requirement, fundraising, and resources from the Florida Department of Agriculture, Florida Action for Healthy Kids, and Dairy Council of Florida.

For assistance with the new Healthy School Team requirement, please visit the Florida Department of Agriculture’s website

For resources available to assist your Healthy School Team, please visit Action for Healthy Kids’ website

For information on how the Florida Dairy Council can assist your Healthy School Team, please visit Fuel Up to Play 60’s website