The Learning Connection

We all know school success relies on solid study habits, paying attention in class and diligently doing homework.

But it’s also crucial for students to get physical activity, eat well, stay hydrated and get enough sleep.  Research supporting the importance of healthy habits to academic performance has been mounting.

Simply put, nutritious eating plus activity equals a healthy lifestyle—AND, they provide your child his or her best chance at academic success. Health and academics are intimately linked. In other words, healthy kids=better learners.

What can you do?

Parents, grandparents, guardians, educators and caring people can all play a part in instilling healthy habits in our kids.  These habits, which we hope will stick with them for a lifetime, can help them achieve academic and future success.  Below are a few helpful ideas that you can do for your children to make sure they are healthy, fit and ready to learn.

  • Make sure kids eat a nutritious breakfast before school
  • Eat dinner together – a healthy one, of course
  • Limit screen time and sugary beverages
  • Make sure everyone gets enough sleep
  • Send healthy treats to school for birthdays and class parties
  • Get involved in healthy activities at your child’s school
  • Join your schools Healthy School Team
  • Go to FindActiveFun.org for family activity ideas



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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating & Drinking

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