Early Childhood Resources


Click here for a directory of early childhood education sites, located in Eatonville, Maitland and Winter Park, participating in the Nemours Healthy Habits for Life program.

Learning Session Schedule

For participating early childhood education sites, click here for the schedule of upcoming Learning Sessions.

Learning Session 1 Presentation

Click here for an overview and presentation of Learning Session #1. Agenda items include healthy child development, review of program outcomes and evaluation, and an introduction to the Early Childhood Education network.

Learning Session 2 Presentation

Below are resources and presentations covered during Learning Session #2.

photo 7Alternatives to Using Food as a Reward

Healthy Celebrations Guide

Mealtime Routine Handout

Ten Steps for Breastfeeding-Friendly Child Care Center

The presentation includes agenda items: Part I- Helping you achieve best practices for healthy eating; Part II – Breastfeeding support; Part III – Site presentations; and Part IV – Bringing it all together. Presenters included Margie Natera from Nemours FPI, a Nemours Dietetic Technician and several consortium child care center staff.