Make Healthy Snacking Easy

It’s easier to choose a healthy snack when it’s in plain sight.

It's Pumpkin Everything Season

Pumpkin is a perfect fall flavor and helps add vegetables to your day.

Get Outdoors

Start a new family tradition by going on a family walk before or after dinner.

Use Halloween Candy to Teach Children About Healthy Eating Habits

Parents can use Halloween as an opportunity to teach children that candy and treats are a part of life but must be managed within a healthy diet.

Halloween Safety

Teach kids not to look at phone while walking, and to make eye contact with drivers when crossing street

Take Grains on the Go

Popcorn, whole-grain rice cakes and crackers are convenient, on-the-go snacks.

Get the Family Outside

Fall is a great time to take the kids on a leaf exploration walk.

How Do You Like Your Apples?

Sweet, crisp apples can be paired with almost anything!

Fall in Love with Sweet Potatoes

Visit your local farmers’ market, farm stand, or grocery store to find a tasty sweet potato variety that grows near you.

Take the Picky Out of Mealtime

Kids who get involved with meal prep are more likely to give the dish a try.