Semptember is Intergenerational Awareness Month

This month raises awareness about and celebrates the benefits of intergenerational connections.

Early Family Experience Affects Later Romantic Relationships

Children raised in a healthy family may be more likely to have healthy romantic relationships as young adults.

Disaster Planning: Infant and Child Feeding

Learn how to feed your young child safely during an emergency.

Diagnosing Growing Pains

Learn what growing pain symptoms are normal, and when it's time to call the doctor.

Do Something Grand on Grandparents Day - September 9

Do something grand together with your grandparents and other older adults in your life.

AAP Updates Child Car Seat Recommendations

The updated policy statement was published online Aug. 30 in the journal Pediatrics.

End of Summer Safety Tips for Your Children

Keep your children healthy and safe before the weather changes with these safety tips

Healthy Recipes

Explore a collection of simple, healthy recipes to try out with your kids as a collaborative summer activity.

To fight childhood obesity, moms to the rescue

Kids are less likely to be obese if their mothers follow five healthy habits.

Teenagers can thank their parents' positive attitude for avoiding obesity

Teenagers are less likely to be overweight if their mom or dad had a positive attitude during pregnancy.