Where to get a flu shot in Orlando

A list of local organizations and businesses offering flu shots.

October is Health Literacy Month

Put your food group knowledge to the test with these MyPlate quizzes.

Kindness is Rising Again

Take the BE FEARLESS BE KIND pledge “to stand up for others, be inclusive and make a difference in the world.” 

Religious Background Tied to Lower Health Risks in Teens

Researchers have found that teens raised in a religious or spiritual environment may be less likely to do drugs and engage in risky sexual behaviors.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Learn more about your role in prevention and join efforts to stop bullying.

Water is Top Kids' Beverage in U.S.

Water is Top Kids' Beverage in U.S.

New Research Shows How Children Want Their Food Served

The study shows that younger girls (aged seven to eight) prefer their food served separately, so the food items do not touch each other.

Common Sense Media's Guide to Low–Cost Internet

There are now several affordable options for high-speed internet.

The Science Behind Student Stress

When students experience an academic setback, the amount of cortisol—the so-called stress hormone—in their bodies typically spikes.

Parents Need Screen Time Limits Too

As much as children need limits on their screen time, parents need “off-hours” time, too, according to a new resource published in JAMA Pediatrics.