Dancing class helps pregnant women get ready for childbirth

The classes are open to women, regardless of where they’re planning to give birth.

Why kids and teens may face far more anxiety these days

Anxiety, not depression, is the leading mental health issue among American youths, and clinicians and research both suggest it is rising.

Can Gratitude Improve Student Health?

Studies found that gratitude practice helped adolescents become more generous and less materialistic

Taking a Two-Generation Approach to Children’s Health

A two-generation approach acknowledges a child's interdependency by addressing the needs of the family holistically.

National Park Service Announces Entrance Fee-Free Days for 2019

The National Park Service will waive all entrance fees on five days in 2019.

Youths with strong relationships more likely to intervene in bullying

The stronger a student reported positive family relationships, the more likely a student was to deem aggressive behaviors and retaliation unacceptable, and the more likely they were to intervene.

Fixed bedtime, sufficient sleep may lead to healthier teens

Having a fixed bedtime and getting sufficient amount of sleep from early childhood may lead to a healthy body weight in adolescence.

"Stress Bias" May Affect Scores

Testing may lead to "stress bias," in which students who have spikes of the stress hormone cortisol get lower test scores

Groundbreaking Study Examines Effects of Screen Time on Kids

60 Minutes goes inside a landmark government study of young minds to see if phones, tablets and other screens are impacting adolescent brain development

Dogs May Help Decrease Stress in Youth

Dogs may have something special in terms of their ability to help children recover from stress.