Teach Your Kids About Resilience

Resilience is an important trait that our kids will need to know to succeed in school and life.

Help Our Kids Make Friends Over The Summer

Summer is fast approaching and making new friends is important for our kids to enjoy their summer break.

Tips To Prepare For FCAT

Find out how to prepare your child for the FCAT with tips from your CHILL Counselor.

Hungerford Students Get New Gym Equipment from the YMCA

The students at Hungerford Elementary say THANK YOU to the YMCA for new gym equipment.

Make Your Next Family Outing A Bike Ride

How do you spend your family time? This family stays active by going on family bike rides.

Running Fast At Fast Start

Students from 8 elementary schools in Eatonville, Maitland and Winter Park ran for the gold at the 7th Annual Fast Start Track and Field Invitational. Check out these highlights from the meet!

Students Help Decide School Cafeteria Food

The 6th Annual Food and Nutrition Services Food Festival was held and students, faculty and staff were able to taste test new food options and give their feedback.

Get Healthy At The Cheney Elementary School-Based Health Center

Students at Cheney Elementary are now able be seen by a licensed nurse practitioner at their brand new school-based health center.

Making Friends – Tips From Your CHILL Counselor

This video features Brookshire Elementary CHILL Counselor Kaiya Shannon giving tips on how to make friends. There are many signs and ways parents can help their children make friends and this video lets parents know what to look for and ways they can help.

Making Friends – Tips From Your CHILL Counselor

  Making friends can be hard for anyone.  As a parent…