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Aloma Elementary Garden Gnomes

With the massive renovation underway at Aloma Elementary, the school’s garden club—called Garden Gnomes—had to get creative when it came to planting its garden. With help from the school’s Healthy School Team, the Garden Gnomes were able to start a new garden using portable grow boxes that can be moved from place to place, according […]

First Aid at Your Fingertips

A new American Red Cross First Aid app makes it quick and easy to get expert advice on how to handle everyday emergencies. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices, and it includes videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice. It also includes safety tips on how to deal with everything from hurricanes […]

Pack Healthy for Road Trip Snack Attacks

Hitting the road for summer vacation? Don’t forget to pack the healthy snacks. Instead of potato chips and candy, think about packing unsalted nuts, pre-washed fruit like apples, pears, bananas and grapes, dried fruit, pre-cut raw veggies, whole-grain crackers or pretzels, plain popcorn and peanut butter. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) also suggests […]

Battery-Related Emergency Department Visits by Children Doubles

Those small, round button batteries found in a wide range of electronic gadgets are sending more and more children to the emergency room. According to a study in the June 2012 issue of “Pediatrics,” the number of emergency department visits by children under age 18 years associated with batteries doubled to roughly 66,000 during the […]

Help Your Children Develop Perseverance

Take time to join the Orange County Public Schools system in promoting the character trait of the month—perseverance—with your children. The definition–pursuing worthy objectives with determination and patience while exhibiting fortitude when confronted with failure.  Activity maintained in spite of difficulties. Teaching and modeling positive character helps children learn how to handle life issues effectively […]

Free Door Alarms Available to Help Keep Children From Drowning

Pool safety is a big issue all year round in Florida, but especially in the summer. That is why the Orange County Health Department (OCHD,) along with the Florida Department of Health (DOH), is offering a free alarms that could help save a child from drowning. It is available to Orange County residents who have […]

Long-Term Drug Abuse Starts With Alcohol, UF Study Says

Alcohol — not marijuana — is the gateway drug that leads adolescents down the path toward more serious substances, a new University of Florida study shows. The findings may not settle a decades-old debate over how drug abuse begins, but it could help educators and policymakers build more effective drug-prevention programs, said Adam Barry, an […]

Asthma-Friendly Childcare Centers Recognized

The Florida Asthma Coalition recently recognized three Orange County childcare centers as Asthma-Friendly Childcare Centers. The Callahan, Denton Johnson and John Bridges Head Start Centers, all received Bronze level recognition for educating staff, increasing asthma awareness and taking steps to make their Head Start Centers more asthma-friendly. The Callahan Center is at 101 N. Parramore, […]

Spanking Linked to Mental Illness, Study Says

The use of physical punishment to discipline children has been linked to a range of mental health problems and is strongly opposed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, in surveys a significant number of American parents report spanking or slapping their children. The study, “Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders: Results From a Nationally Representative […]