How to Get Teens to Eat Breakfast

It might be a challenge to get teenagers to do anything, but getting them to eat the most important meal of the day doesn’t have to be.

Sally Squires, who writes the Lean Plate Club™ blog, has tips on how to get teens to eat breakfast.

Studies suggest 60 percent of U.S. teens don’t eat breakfast every day and 14 percent skip breakfast more or all days of the week, according to Squires.

She said that parents can make breakfast easy for teens by having food they can grab and eat, such as breakfast burritos, smoothies, yogurt, egg sandwiches and bagels.

“You know they’re going to be sleepy,” Squires said, suggesting parents give teens something to grab on the go such as cut-up cheese or nuts.

Moreover, parents can encourage teenagers to eat breakfast by modeling good habits and eating breakfast themselves.