Make this Valentine’s Day Family Day

Fun ways to show share your love with your family on Valentine’s Day:

valentinesdaybreakfasthearteggsinabasket_zps3ce6de6e1. Love your breakfast

Grab yourself a heart shaped cookie cutter or toast press and enjoy spending time chatting with your family before your day begins.

2. Rethink the gifting thing

These little ideas below are special, unique and will not blow the bank – we found them on the internet just for you:

  • Send A Letter Of Appreciation:  How about sending a simple letter to your loved ones detailing how grateful you are to have them in your life. Kids feel loved when we notice who they are and what they contribute to us, our family, and the world.  
  • Make a Homemade Valentine:  Kids feel loved when we spend time making something for them, rather than buying it.  Why not make Valentines? 
  • A gift certificate for a back rub or foot massage every night for a month:  Kids feel loved when we listen to them and give them an opportunity to talk through their daily challenges.  Every single day, spend 15 minutes snuggling with each child before bed.  Most kids love a back rub and hand or foot rub.  

3. Keep the momentum going

  • Send the kids to school with little paper hearts with love notes into their school bags, or lunch boxes.
  • Plan a fun dinner for all the family. 
  • Play the praise game. Round the dinner table, or maybe after dinner on the sofa, take a minute to pass on a few words about why you all love each other.