Healthy Halloween Treats

While October reminds some of apple picking, pumpkin-flavored treats and fall colors, for others, it’s the last day of October that they think about the most – Halloween! Halloween is one of the biggest candy consumption days of the year. According to a USA Today article, almost every child in the U.S. will have candy on Halloween, compared to 24% of adults and kids who have candy on a typical day. Plus, 4% of all candy consumed in the U.S. is consumed on Halloween! That is SCARY (pun intended)!

Even if you choose to partake in the candy consumption on Halloween this year, here are some alternatives you can consider when the little superheroes, princesses, Pokémon and pirates show up at your door:

Bubbles Bouncy balls
Glow sticks/necklaces Mini nail polish
Stickers Sugar-free gum
Sticky hands Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars
Temporary tattoos Plastic vampire fangs
Mini crayon packs Healthier food options such as 100% juice boxes, pretzels, popcorn, string cheese or Goldfish.
Mini Play-Doh Mini Slinky® toys