Hurricane Irma Resources-Spanish/Creole/English

Thank you to our partners at Nemours Children’s Health System  for sharing this information with us.

Helping Your Child After a Natural Disaster

This three-page booklet educates parents and caregivers about how to help a child after a natural disaster. It discusses ways adults can provide support for children, and help then feel safe and secure, such as sticking to daily routines, being a good listener, understanding the child’s behavior, helping the child express their thoughts and feelings, and connecting with community support.

Health Risks After a Flood: Tips on How to Protect Your Family

This three-page fact sheet educates people about health risks after a storm. It outlines prevention of food-borne disease, water-borne illness, heat exhaustion and carbon monoxide poisoning, fire hazards, and mosquito-borne illness. It discusses post-flood clean up, clearing standing water, and eliminating mosquito breeding sites. Links for more information are provided.

Precautions for Food Safety

This one-page fact sheet educates people about food safety in an emergency such as a hurricane. Risk of food poisoning is high when refrigerators and ovens are inoperable during an electrical outage. The document lists safe food handling practices to prevent food-borne illness. Links and telephone numbers for food safety and emergency information are provided.

Frequently Asked Questions: Boil Water Advisories

This two-page fact sheet educates people about boil water advisories. It identifies boiling water as the best method to kill harmful bacteria and parasites in contaminated water. It discusses correct techniques for handwashing, washing dishes and clothes, bathing and shaving, washing fruits and vegetables, and making ice. It identifies infectious organisms in contaminated water, and advises when to seek medical attention if untreated water is consumed.

Mold in Water-Damaged Buildings

This one-page fact sheet educates people about how to protect against health risks associated with mold after flooding or hurricane. It provides a list of safety precautions to avoid indoor air quality problems after a storm. Florida Department of Health contact information is provided.