Winter Park High School – Be the Change

The Winter Park High School (WPHS) School Advisory Council (SAC) Board has created Be the Change with the goal of creating a lasting high school community and culture that values diversity, supports differences and builds positive relationships. To meet their goals, the WPHS SAC plans to provide programs to give their students tools to communicate, adapt and thrive in an ever more complicated world.

Mission: Empower our youth and community with educational, experiential and transformational programs.

  • Provide sustainable programs, such as Challenge Day, based on students’ needs.
  • Show positive student results from programs @winterparkbethechange
  • Support these WPHS efforts in continuing to build a caring, informed, tolerant community through Be The Change events such as the NS-GO18: Neighborhood Schools Golf Tournament and the Tori Sheahan Walk for Life.

Click here for more information on Be the Change events.