Challenge Day at Winter Park Consortium Secondary Schools

This month, about 400 students and more than 50 staff members and parents joined together for Challenge Day at Winter Park High School, Glenridge Middle School and Maitland Middle School.  Challenge Day was designed to foster acceptance and appreciation of one another with the idea of sharing the concept with others.  Students, staff, and parents joined together to share thoughts and to begin developing a sense of unity.

Winter Park High School’s School Advisory Council (SAC) led the efforts to bring Challenge Day to the Winter Park Consortium schools (WPC).  The SACs coordination combined with the many individuals and businesses who donated funds and resources, made Challenge Day in the WPC schools a success.

The acceptance and appreciation developed during Challenge Day  won’t end now that the Challenge Day is complete.  The WPHS SAC has created Be the Change, with the goal of creating a lasting secondary school community and culture that values diversity, supports differences and builds positive relationships. Through Be the Change, programs will be created to give WPC secondary students tools to communicate, adapt and thrive in an ever more complicated world.

Winter Park – Be the Change

  • Provide sustainable programs, such as Challenge Day, based on our student’s needs
  • Show positive student results from programs: increased self-esteem; increased academic achievement; increased connection to and within our community; reduced discipline referrals; and quite literally, lives forever affirmatively changed and even saved.
  • Sign up to Be the Change on Facebook: @winterparkbethechange
  • Support these WPHS efforts in continuing to build a caring, informed, tolerant community by being part of the Change at Winter Park – Be The Change.
  • An in-kind or service donation can be pledged via e-mail to or You will be honored as a Winter Park High School Community Partner and be invited to “Be the Change” project events for special recognition.

Stay tuned for Challenge Day and Be the Change updates!