Four Tips for Kids to Eat More Veggies

There are several fun and effective strategies for making veggies more appealing to picky eaters.  These four ideas can pave the way for new habits to be built.

1. Improving Availability

Serving vegetables and salads consistently will help them seem more natural. To make healthy snacks accessible, keep containers of carrot sticks, celery, snow peas and other vegetables handy. This is a good way to get kids to help themselves and build healthy habits.

2. Going Undercover

If you can’t get your kids to eat veggie-based dishes and sides, you can always sneak healthy items into their favorite foods. At breakfast, add sautéed vegetables to scrambled eggs or omelets. It’s easy to hide zucchini in a pot of pasta sauce. Spinach and carrots are great in lasagna. Combining veggies with foods they already know and like have a much higher acceptability for kids.

3. Involving Kids

Getting children involved in cooking is a great way to help them see vegetables differently. If kids have the option to choose a vegetable for dinner or help prepare it, they’re more likely to enjoy the experience. Starting a backyard garden is another way to get youngsters into vegetables. Planting seeds, watching plants grow and picking vegetables for dinner can get kids excited about veggies. String beans, lettuce, and radishes grow quickly and are rewarding crops. Kids can also be in charge of making their own lunches and deciding what snacks they want to eat!

4. Making Vegetables Appealing

Sometimes, the way vegetables are cut can have a big effect. Carrots and cucumbers can become cute flowers if you make a few V-shaped cuts before they’re sliced.