WPHS Students Host Health Fair at Audubon Park Elementary

2016-apes-health-fair4On Wednesday, October 11, 2016, students from Winter Park High School conducted a mini health fair for 200 5th graders at Audubon Park Elementary.  We wanted to educate these students on healthy eating and clean living in a fun and engaging manner.

The high school students manned 12 different booths that encouraged the fifth graders to build a better sandwich, juice their own OJ, learn why it is important to eat breakfast and why they should eat fruits and vegetables.  We also had stops that taught the students to properly wash their hands, choose healthy snacks, get their daily dose of calcium and exercise regularly.  The 5th graders had a terrific time trying new foods like chia seed pudding and creating their own sandwich with lots of different veggies. They were all eager to learn about the simple ways they could live healthier lives and fully engaged themselves in the different booths and activities.

2016-apes-health-fair2Joseph Vasquez, a high school student who worked the healthy snack station, said, “It was surprising how interested and engaged the kids were in learning about the healthy snacks, and trying them. Many of them actually liked the hummus. It was a lot of fun!”

Julia Story