New Showalter Field Use Agreement

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The City of Winter Park has negotiated a Showalter Field use agreement with the Orange County Public School Board. The new use agreement will allow the city to implement improvements to the facility, including a running track and synthetic athletic field, as well as supplement facility maintenance costs with rental payments from Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), Rollins College and additional tenants.

“This new agreement between the City of Winter Park and OCPS is another example of how regional partners can, and should, work together for the benefit of our community. I want to thank Vice Mayor Sarah Sprinkel for her efforts on this project, and a special thank you to Orange County School Board Chairman Bill Sublette, whose direct involvement got us across the goal line. This agreement will benefit students and families of Winter Park High School for decades,” said Mayor Steve Leary.

“We are excited to continue our special relationship with the City of Winter Park. I especially want to thank Mayor Leary and the City Commission for working with us as partners in our effort to improve Showalter Field and maintain it as one of the premier athletic facilities in the county,” shared Orange County School Board Chairman Bill Sublette.

Since 1993, the city has leased Showalter Field to OCPS for $1 per year, giving OCPS exclusive use of the facility for Winter Park High School events and other school-sanctioned activities. In return, OCPS has been responsible for management and maintenance of the field, facilities and infrastructure.

The new use agreement will shift maintenance responsibilities from OCPS to the city, allowing Winter Park to lease the field to OCPS for $80,000 annually, as well as additional tenants throughout the year to create lease revenues. Soon-to-begin facility improvements aforementioned will be funded through cost sharing between the city, Rollins College and Winter Park High School Foundation.