Healthy Substitutions (Chickpeas, Lentils, and Beans, Oh My!)


Adapted from Today Food

If you’re looking for better-for-you baked goods for your children that they’re still willing to eat, try substituting up to half (1:1 ratio) of your regular, wheat-based flour with chickpea flour in any baked good recipe. You’ll be upping their iron, folate (chickpeas have three times more folate per serving than kale) and protein intake with this simple switch that’s also cost-effective.

Smoothie boost

Try the protein-rich pea power in your child’s smoothies. The bonus, apart from the fact that there’s no dairy here if your child is lactose intolerant, is that the powder has been shown to suppress the appetite for longer (perfect for those long study sessions). Another option is to add cooked white beans to your child’s smoothie for a nutrient-packed fiber boost!

Better brownies

Fiber-rich, and delicious, try subbing out 1 cup of flour for 1 cup of black bean puree in your next brownie or chocolate cake recipe. Or replace the flour altogether with the black bean puree if you’d rather a gluten free cake. You’ll get a rich, moist, fudgy texture, along with a healthy hit of protein and fiber for good, commonsense eating when you feel like a treat (and we promise your kids won’t know the difference).

Butter substitute

If you have someone on a lactose-free diet in your home, here’s a handy baker’s tip: you can replace half of the oil or butter in your recipes with white bean puree. Easy and economical, it will help maintain the moisture in your cookies, cakes and squares!