Snowman Recipes

Are your kids seeing snow on the news?  Are they wishing they could build a snowman?  We may not have snow in Florida, but they can still build these cute snowmen in the kitchen!

egg-snowmenEgg Snowmen

For each snowman, trim the bottoms of two hard-cooked eggs and stack, using a wooden skewer to hold together. With a toothpick, poke holes for eyes, buttons and mouth; press in peppercorns. Slide raw carrot slices onto the skewer for hat, then add a carrot nose. Use parsley stems as arms. You could even wrap his neck with a roasted red pepper scarf.

Snowman-bananasBanana Snowmen

To make one, slide three thick banana slices onto a skewer. Use mini chocolate chips for buttons and eyes. Have leftover carrot from the egg snowmen? It’s a nose! Top with a hat made from an apple, orange or strawberry slice with a blueberry, cranberry or grape pom-pom. Add pretzel arms, and yum