Healthy Halloween Recipes

Healthy-Halloween-Treats-014-1024x768Orange Jack ‘o Lanterns: Use a black permanent marker to draw a Jack ‘o Lantern face on oranges. Alternatively, you could cut out the shapes on black paper and and stick them on the orange. Either way, you should be sure to wash the orange thoroughly first to remove any oils and residues from the peel.





PopcornBagPopcorn Goody Bags:  Stove-popped popcorn mixed with roasted pumpkin seeds (you can either roast your own from a fresh pumpkin or use raw pumpkin seeds)*. You can also toss a few pieces of candy corn into each bag for fun.





Fruit Kpumpkin_kabob200abobs in a Pumpkin:  Draw a funny face on a pumpkin.  Put your child’s favorite fruit on wooden skewers.  Poke them into the pumpkin and you have an easy treat for everyone.








For more ideas, see this resource from the Center for Science in the Public Interest