Heat Related Health Concerns for Kids and Families

hot kid summerThe summer heat in Florida can almost be unbearable at times.  There are common concerns around dehydration and sun protection, but there are also other heat related health concerns that you will want to pay attention to.  Here’s information on a few heat related health concerns and actions to minimize them as you and your children enjoy the Florida summer.



Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot can occur when the foot is repeatedly exposed to high moisture environments.

– Wear flip-flops or other foot protection at the pool

– Wear moisture wicking socks

– Check to make sure athletic shoes are made of breathable material

Food Poisoning

Cases of food poisoning tend to increase summer months when many of us are eating outside without our usual food preparation safeguards.

– Don’t leave food out for longer than 2 hours.  This time period decreases in temperatures over 90 degrees.

– Keep cold food cold and hot food hot.  If you don’t have methods to do so, consider foods that are served at room temperature or do not require heating or cooling.

Coxsackie virus (Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease)

This virus is most prevalent in the summer months, and  loves kids’ warm wading pools.

– Check to make sure any pool you are using is chlorinated.

– Thoroughly clean backyard wading pools after each use.

Be safe, healthy and enjoy your summer because healthy kids make better students and better students make healthy communities.

(adapted from: Huget, J. L. (2015, June 29). The heat and the hazard: 9 facts about summer health.  The Washington Post.  Retrieved from http://wapo.st/1GK9gtZ)