Health Fair Promotes Healthy Student Lifestyle

WPHS Health Fair 2014 003Student leaders of Live.Life.Healthy (LLH)—a Winter Park High School (WPHS) initiative designed to help inspire fellow students to live a healthier lifestyle—hosted their third annual health fair September 24 including hula hoop contests, a chance to test hand-washing skills and a safe way to see how alcohol can impact reflexes.

The health fair consisted of a variety of booths that touched on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle—including eating healthy foods, getting exercise, drinking water, avoiding smoking, safe driving and taking steps to avoid skin cancer.WPHS Health Fair 2014 001

Students staffing each booth provided information and got students involved in related activities.

For example, at the exercise booth, students noted exercise can reduce the risk of major illnesses by up to 50 percent. They encouraged fellow students to participate in hula hoop, jump rope and push up contests, and handed out cards with suggestions on ways to squeeze activity into busy days.

Since hand washing is an important way to avoid illness, the LLH student leaders gave other students the chance to wash their hands and then used a special light and container to show how much dirt remained. Students received tips to help them do a better job next time.

At the Think Your Drink table, students were asked to guess how much sugar could be found in popular drinks using stacks of sugar cubes.

WPHS Health Fair 2014 040Also popular was the safe driving booth where students could try—unsuccessfully—to walk along a straight line after putting on special police-provided goggles designed to mimic the impact of drinking two to three beers.

Other booths focused on dangers of smoking and how it impacts lung capacity; how to cope with stress, the importance of drinking water and the necessity of good dental health.WPHS Health Fair 2014 021

LLH student leaders also used the occasion to launch the school’s new bike share program which enables students to check out bicycles for free.

The lunchtime health fair prompted a number of students to ask how they could get involved in LLH programs. They’ll be able to join a LLH Club being established on campus sometime this year.

LLH is a student-created and led initiative, founded and supported with grant funding from the Winter Park Health Foundation, to encourage all students to eat healthier and be more active.

Visit Live.Life.Healthy on Facebook or on Twitter for more information about the health fair and other healthy activities.