Study Smarter: Studying Tips for Kids

Studying is one of those things that kids say they are either good at or aren’t good at.  But the truth is there are many things that you and your child can do in order to have a better studying experience.  We have compiled a list of good study habits for all children to benefit from.


Before you start studying, start moving

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.15.11 PMResearch shows that your brain is more active and better equipped for learning after 15 – 20 minutes of moderate activity.  So before you start studying, go for a 20-minute walk around the block.

Make sure to be hydrated and eat food

Did you know that your brain is 75% water?  If you are dehydrated your performance will decrease as well as your comprehension.  Additionally, make sure you have a healthy snack before you start studying.  Your body and brain need fuel to achieve academic success.

Pick a study spot that works for you

There might be lots of places in your house to study, but pick the one that you feel most comfortable in.  Make sure it is quiet and free of distractions.  This could be at a desk in the office, on your bedroom floor or possibly at the kitchen table.  The important thing is that it works for you.

Student StudyingHave all of your materials with you

Make sure that you have all of the materials that you will need with you.  If you are doing math homework this could mean a calculator, protractor and a pencil.  Whatever it is, make sure you do not have to get up and down to retrieve missing items.  This will distract you and break your concentration.

Take breaks

Studying is a marathon not a sprint.  If you are feeling overwhelmed at any point, stop and take a breather.  Try walking around or getting a snack as this will help activate your brain.  Then come back to your assignments and continue studying.


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