Beat Summer Doldrums With Fun Family Activities

family bike rideIn the middle of summer it’s easy for kids—and the rest of the family—to get bored and inactive.

That makes it a good time for parents look for new ways to keep the whole family moving.

Randi Topps, PE Teacher and Healthy School Team Leader at Brookshire Elementary School, recently offered up some fun and active suggestions for families to try. These are all good for all members of the family to do together.

Ms. Topps is an advocate of biking and walking. Kids can get out their scooters and skate boards to accompany parents and check out the many area parks. Exercise equipment is set up along trails in many of the parks. Stop and try out the activities together. (Don’t forget, adult members of the Winter Park Public Library are now able to check out bicycles there.)

Try out a yoga class, and you don’t even have to leave home. Ms. Topps notes there are many websites offering video classes for family members to follow. One example is the Do Yoga With Me website.

To cool off, try a family adventure of canoing or kayaking at Wekiva Springs State Park. Click here for more information.

Here are some other ideas:

Start making plans for a family garden. You can start small by getting a grow box. These are available on the Our Whole Community website. It also has a video that explains how to use them.

All types of gardening classes, as well as a “Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide,” are available at the UF/IFAS Extension Education Center in Orange County. It also has a listing of local farmers markets. Learn more here.

There are all types of programs to stretch the brain and body at local libraries. Check out the Winter Park Public Library and the Maitland Public Library—they are loaded with fun summer activities.

Need more ideas? Healthy Central Florida, a community-based initiative founded by Florida Hospital and the Winter Park Health Foundation to help make local communities the healthiest in the nation, offers its Find Active Fun tool. It enables users to customize an activity search by details such as zip code, neighborhood, date, time and even how much time you want to spend. Click here to check it out.