Weight-Loss Tips

weight loss tips (12) As parents, you would think running after your kids would be enough exercise to keep the pounds off.  But when you need a little extra help, there seems to be an endless array of options. There are many weight loss programs on the market today that help you to drop weight quickly. The problem is, can you then keep it off? Summer has just arrived and you want that beach body to last until the kids go back to school! With the help of USA Today’s article, nutrition experts give us 10 great ideas for losing weight and keeping it off.

1. Motivate yourself

  • Take that old pair of jeans from your 20’s and try hanging them in the kitchen or a place that is out of your closet. Keep yourself inspired!

2. Set realistic weight-loss goals

  • Be real with yourself and set goals that are attainable and healthy. A half a pound to two pounds a week is about right.

3. Cut out liquid calories

  • Eliminate soda and sugar drinks from your diet. Sports drinks, alcoholic beverages and sweet teas will add on those extra calories. Try to liven up your water with lemon, mint or cucumber!

4. “After 8 is too late”.

  • Live by the motto and try not to eat snacks or even dinner past 8 p.m.

5. Keep track of what you consume

  • Research shows that dieters who keep track of everything they consume lose twice as much weight as those who don’t.

6. Portion control

  • Too much of any food is not going to help to lose the weight. Be aware of the portion size you are eating. For example, meat, poultry or fish should only be the size of your palm.

7. Exercise is key

  • Move it or lose it! Even if it is just a bike ride, research shows doing a physical activity for two to four hours a week will help drop those extra pounds.

8. Hydrate!

  • Drinking two glasses of water before meals and throughout the day will help you eat less.

9. Step on the scale

  • Those who manage to maintain weight loss weigh themselves regularly to see the progress.

10. Reward yourself

  • Once you have achieved your goal have some fun! Go to a movie or buy something that you have had your eye on. Just don’t reward yourself with junk food!


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