Get Involved in Your Child’s Middle School

father helping sonBeing involved in your child’s school and schoolwork when they’re in elementary school is easy.  Students in those grades need more help with assignments and attention from chaperones.  Plus they are generally more inclined to have adults present and receive their help.  In middle school however, all bets are off.  Students feel less of a need to have their parents around and there are typically less opportunities for parents to become involved.  Because of this you might have to think outside of the box or look for new ways to be involved with your child’s middle school experience. put together a helpful list on ways to be involved with your child when they’re in middle school.

Get to know the teachers. It’s a good idea to meet each of your child’s teachers.  Find out important information from them like how much time your child should spend on homework each night. Find out when tests are scheduled and ask what the best way to get in touch with them is if you have questions.

Find a niche for yourself at your child’s school. Unlike in the lower grades, middle school classrooms don’t need extra adults on hand. But you can volunteer in other ways. Serve as an adviser for an extracurricular activity such as the school paper, chess club, or science fair.

Volunteer to chaperone school dances and drive kids to school sports competitions. You’ll meet other parents, school staff, and your child’s classmates.

Go to school meetings and events. Attending concerts, plays, assemblies, meetings, and other activities is a good way to become familiar with your child’s school community.

Find out about homework assignments and school tests. If your school has a website where teachers list homework assignments, get in the habit of checking it regularly. If not, contact your child’s teachers and ask them to alert you when there’s an important project or test coming up.

Check your child’s homework, but don’t do it for him or her. Offer to check math problems, proofread written papers and look over spelling words. If you find a mistake, point it out to your child and help her figure out the correct answer.

Let us know what other ways you are involved in you child’s middle school in the comments below.