Boost Your Child's Brain Power

activekids2A child’s brain is constantly learning and developing.  Research has shown that human brains continue developing well into their 20’s.  As parents, there are many things that you can do to help with this process.   We have compiled a list of ways to help boost your child’s brain.  Try one or try them all.  Find what works best for your child and stick with it.

Brain food – There are certain foods that are very beneficial for your brain.  Foods high in antioxidants like blueberries are great for the brain.  Omega-3 fatty acids are also important for brain function.  You can find these in fatty fish like salmon.  Complex carbs from whole grains is fuel for the brain.  Complex carbs get broken down into glucose, which is what your body and brain uses as energy.

Exercise – Studies have shown direct links between exercise and brain function.  This is because the brain runs on blood flow.  When you exercise, your body pumps blood more freely through your body and in turn into your brain.  This helps improve brain functions.

Read – Reading can sometimes get overlooked in the pursuit of the latest and new way to boost your child’s brain, but this is a low-tech way that is sure to work.

Music – Listening to your child learn to play a new instrument isn’t always as fun for the parents as the child.  However, music lessons can be a fun way to engage in right-brain learning.  According to research from the University of Toronto, music lessons can benefit children’s IQ and academic performance – the more years, the greater the effect.

Nurture curiosity – Showing curiosity as parents and encouraging your children to model the same behavior will teach them a valuable lesson.  Seeking knowledge is important.  Support your child’s hobbies and interests by asking questions, teaching them new skills and taking them on educational outings to develop intellectual curiosity.